Privacy Statement
This Privacy Statement describes how we use information that we collect through the use of this Accompany Software Corporation (Accompany) website.
This Privacy Statement was last revised on September 25th, 2007. We may change this Privacy Statement at any time and for any reason.

Personal Information
This website has two avenues that can be used to collect personal information. However, you are not required to provide any personal information in order to use this website.
The first avenue in which in you could optionally provide personal information is on the “Contact” page You could provide your name and email address when submitting comments to us.
The second avenue in which you could provide personal information is when entering your initials for a high score on any game on our website that has a high score feature implemented.
In general, we only use any personal information you provide on the Contact page in conjunction with responding to your submission. If the dialog you initiate through the use of the Contact page warrants, we may occasionally include you in an emailing that goes out to some of our friends, clients, vendors, and other associates. These emails are typically sent from zero to three times in a year. Examples of potential content of such emails includes; holiday greetings, party invitations, announcements of changes to our staff, and changes to our contact information.
If you enter your initials for a high score on a game on our website, your initials will appear in the list of high scores whenever anyone views the high score list for that game (unless your initials are bumped off the list by higher scores). Accompany does not use the entered initials for anything other than displaying in the high score list.
Accompany Software Corporation does not sell or lease any contact information to third parties.

Non-Personal Information
Accompany uses various third party tools that provide us with non-personal information on the use of our website. This non-personal information is not connected to any identifiable individual and may include such items as:

Security of Collected Information
We take reasonable steps to protect collected personal information from unauthorized use or disclosure. However, information collected on this website is not encrypted or sent through secure connections. You should use appropriate discretion in determining what personal information you provide to us.

Accompany Software Corporation hereby prohibits website visitors from providing any financial or official government identity or account numbers (e.g., Social Security Number, checking account number) through the use of this website. Furthermore, Accompany will not be responsible for the security of such information submitted in violation of this Privacy Statement.


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